Join Us Sunday

First steps and new beginnings are one of the most difficult transitions in life. We would like to eliminate all the fears and timidity associated with Belonging to a body of believers. We have a saying... "you can belong here before you believe here." If you're a new believer in Christ or just want to check things out, we welcome you to Belong by visiting us during a Sunday worship service - Come as you are. We'd love to meet you!

Step One

We invite you to hear about the Spirit and Truth story and discover what we're all about in "Next Step One." At the end, you'll have a chance to become a member of this amazing family!

Discover your spiritual maturity in "Next Step Two." In this step, you will discover daily Christian habits that will help you grow into spiritual maturity.

Step Two

Step Three

Every person is uniquely shaped by God to serve their generation in a specific way. In "Next Step Three" you will discover the special way that God has formed you to serve in ministry.